ABC Posturo-Logical Method International Certification Course

※This event is held in accordance with the Epidemic Prevention Guidelines by the CDC.
※ Physical Therapist Continuing Education Credits are currently being applied for.
※ Registration for 4/10 Taipei, 5/8 Taipei, 6/12 Kaohsiung.

★ After taking a class once, you can retrain the original course for free in the future. Only our course has such plan.
★ This course requires basic anatomy and biomechanics concepts. It’s very suitable for related medical personnel, coaches, trainer, and etc., to participate.

What is ABC Posturo-Logical Method?

Initiated by Italian physiotherapist Gian Pietro Mainardi. it has been extended to Taiwan, Italy, Spain, Canada, the United States, India and many places.

The ABC Posturo-Logical Method is a method for rapid assessment of the overall posture of the body based on the theory of human biomechanics.

In this course, we will show you how to quickly classify a case into A Type, B Type, or C Type in 5 minutes.

We will help you quickly find the trigger points and find the right antidote, so that you can save time and effort when evaluating.

五分鐘內將個案分類微A Type、B Type、C Type三種類型

In this method, we provide you with a new perspective to understand the relationship between the joints of the individual’s body.

The intervention method can avoid treating the symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem. Then you can provide patients with more useful prescriptions and plans, and patients can quickly regain the balance of the body.

The purpose of the ABC Posturo-Logical Method is to help professionals quickly use the biomechanical point of view to analyze the causes of abnormal postures in individual cases, and help you achieve the following goals through the evaluation results:

  1. Formulate precise intervention strategies (manual therapy, exercise therapy, and etc.).
  2. As a reference for adjusting customized insoles, customized seat cushions and other related products.
  3. Improve athletic performance.
  4. Solve all kinds of problems caused by modern people’s habit of standing for a long time, sitting for a long time, and maintaining a certain posture for a long time.

The Affliction You Might Meet

Most cases come for help, mostly for the following reasons:

  • Poor standing posture for a long time, such as: three or seven steps, long-term unilateral weight bearing (backpack).
  • Poor sitting posture for a long time, such as: lying on the sofa, using electronic products with a hunchback.
  • Long-term poor lying posture, such as: using the wrong way to sleep on your side, using the wrong pillow.
  • Maintain certain postures for a long time, such as: sliding the phone, using the mouse, typing the keyboard.
  • Long-term use of repetitive specific movements, such as: mother hands.

And these habits actually come from body-specific tendencies, and the ABC Posturo-Logical Method helps you rearrange those tendencies to let you know where those behaviors come from.

Although most of the origin of pain is due to long-term use of unilateral limbs, resulting in overuse of muscle groups and insufficient muscle strength of contralateral muscles.

But the problem we have is:

  • Our intervention programs always seem to be short-lived?
  • We often do not seem to see immediate results in the treatment of cases?
  • Don’t know if you really found the source of the problem that caused the habit?
  • The intervention plan adopted seems to be only treating the head and the feet?
  • The advice given to the client seems to be not very effective, so the client is reluctant to continue to practice?
  • Does the client continue to practice incorrect postures resulting in frequent injuries or pain?

What can the ABC Posturo-Logical Method bring to you?

The ABC Posturo-Logical Method can be extended to various postural adjustment techniques, including the Compensatory Points Method, corrective exercises, and various exercises mentioned in the basic course.

New Evaluation Concept

Introduce the methods of evaluating A TYpe, B Type, and C Type, and explain separately from the pelvis, spine, and upper and lower limbs.

Capability with Posture Adjustment Technology

It can be quickly and easily combined with the techniques learned in the past. By matching the results of the assessment with the learning in the past, it is possible to more quickly determine what intervention strategy to use.

Quickly Adjust Sitting Posture

In addition to adjusting the insole, with the FixSit posture adjustment cushion, you can quickly achieve the function of sitting posture adjustment and maintaining sitting posture.

Improve Athletic Performance

Through the evaluation results, the muscle groups, fascia, and posture that players need to adjust can be found, and the adjustment techniques can improve sports performance.

ABC Posturo-Logical Method 提供全新評估觀念,用整體的觀念重新看待平衡。

The effect of gravity

We focus on the natural effects of gravity on muscles, bones, internal organs, and fascia, and sort out specific posture tendencies that interact with each other.


Based on the pelvis, the upper limbs, lower limbs, and spine are explained in turn, so that you can better understand the influence of each other.

Integrated Biomechanics, Kinesiology

The course content has the theoretical basis of biomechanics and mechanics, and we have reorganized these knowledge so that you can re-examine the relationship of these knowledge.

three-dimensional evaluation method

We will teach you how to observe the case in sagittal, coronal, and horizontal planes, and explain the skewness of the body under different types, and explain the interaction between each joint in detail.

replace the part with the whole

After this course, you will not only focus on the painful or skewed area, but take a holistic view of the body and find the root cause of the problem.

Emphasis on theory and technology

The course is based on theory, with practical operation exercises, so that students can apply it immediately after learning.

The assessment results of the ABC Posturo-Logical Method are not a stand-alone technique, it can be easily matched with techniques that you have learned in the past, it is not a set of interventional techniques that you need to learn from scratch.

Can match the technology learned

This set of techniques isn’t to overturn what you’ve learned in the past, it’s to help you integrate what you’ve learned in the past.

Formulate precise intervention strategies

This set of technologies will help you complete the assessment, integrate our knowledge of the body, more accurately identify problem points, and propose more precise intervention strategies.

Make intervention faster and more effective

By accurately identifying the trigger points, we can make the intervention feel immediately at the moment of operation. All the students who use this technology and their cases are all surprised by this technology!

In the course we will explain how the concepts of the ABC Posturo-Logical Method can be applied to insoles, giving you a better basis for making insoles.

In addition to the standing posture adjustment that we have focused on in the past, this course also provides additional solutions for “sitting posture”. The basic course will be equipped with the FixSit posture adjustment cushion , which allows students to assist the case to achieve the sitting posture adjustment in just a few minutes. Purpose.

In addition to the function of adjusting the sitting posture, the FixSit posture adjustment cushion can also be used as a posture maintenance tool after intervention to prolong the effect of posture adjustment, which is suitable for sedentary groups.

If your case is a long-term sedentary group, this is a set of technologies and products that you must not miss!

The ABC Posturo-Logical Method can be applied to training in addition to physiotherapy related applications.

By evaluating the results to find out the key muscle groups that affect exercise posture, and adjusting the key muscle groups, the following two purposes can be effectively achieved:

  • Reduce the chance of athlete’s sports injury
  • Improve athletic performance of athletes

At present, many students have applied the ABC Posturo-Logical Method to triathletes, cyclists, track and field players, and racing players, and they have indeed improved the performance of the players.

This course emphasizes small-class teaching, and strives to allow every student to practice in class immediately, so that every participating student can have the confidence to perform clinical practice immediately after the course is over.

During the course, we will arrange a number of teaching assistants to assist in practical exercises, so that each student can receive assistance and guidance at the first time during practice.

In addition to high-quality, large-scale implementation, it will also provide actual cases applied to cases, so that you can quickly compare the past case status and absorb this technology faster.


TimeCourse ContentDescription
8:30 – 9:00check in 
9:00 – 10:00Introduction to the principle of ABC Posturo-Logical MethodBased on biomechanics, it explains the evaluation methods and principles summarized by the initiator of the ABC Posturo-Logical Method, and teaches students how to divide the habitual postures of people into three types: A, B, and C.
10:00 – 11:00Introduction to the Kinesiology of Muscle Groups Related to the ABC Posturo-Logical MethodThe muscle groups affected by the three types of postures A, B, and C are explained from the upper and lower limbs, the pelvis, and the spine.
11:00 – 12:00ABC Posturo-Logical Method Applied Thinking (I)A combination of the ABC Posturo-Logical Method and common clinical manual techniques.
12:00 – 13:00午餐 
13:00 – 14:00ABC Posturo-Logical Method Applied Thinking (II)The ABC Posturo-Logical Method combines the application of insole evaluation techniques and exercise prescription formulation.
14:00 – 15:00Hands-On Exercises (I)Have students practice in groups for Applied Thinking (I) and (II).
15:00 – 16:00ABC Posturo-Logical Method applied to FixSit cushion overall thinking logicEvaluation and adaptation of the ABC Posturo-Logical Method and FixSit custom postural adjustment cushions.
16:00 – 17:00Hands-on Exercises (II)The ABC Posturo-Logical Method is used in FixSit’s customized posture adjustment cushions to organize the key points of the adaptation skills and the students to practice in groups.
17:00 – 17:30ABC Posturo-Logical Method applied to FixSit cushion case sharingThe lecturer shared the cushion evaluation and adaptation methods for special cases.
17:30 – 18:00Summary and Q&A

Positive Feedback of Students

The course trainees are rich in composition, including rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthopaedicists, Pilates coaches, triathlon coaches, nurses, courtside nurses, bicycle fitters, etc. Harvest the problems encountered by professionals in different fields.

There is a complete system that integrates the knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology learned in the past.
The course evaluation is systematic and suitable for clinical application.
It is very practical, makes the assessment more directional, and reduces the original assessment from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.
A better understanding of the overall body structure and mechanism of action can also lead to immediate improvements.
GREAT! During the practice, there are teaching assistants by the side to teach and give a lot of feedback.
Lecturers can share many case experiences and improve skill mastery.
Replacing the concept of the part with the whole can make clinical assessment more accurate.
Use it the next day after the study. It doesn't move the patient's pain area at all. It reduces the pain and allows the patient to directly full range.


Dr. Gian Pietro Mainardi

  • Graduated in physical therapy at University Genoa(Italy)
  • Master in manual therapy Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Posturology
  • Doctor in Osteopathy and Chiropract International professor of manual therapy and posturology
  • Creator of a new worldwide patent of a new proprioceptive sitting orthosis called FixSit
  • CEO of the company Fisiopathy s.r.l


Am I suitable for this course?

This assessment system can be applied in many areas, as long as your therapy, classes, activities, training are aimed at improving the balance of your body, then you are suitable for this class.

The occupations of our students who have taken this course include: Rehabilitation Physician, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Nursing Physician, Rehabilitation Physician, Massage therapist, Sports Protector, Sports Massage therapist, Pilates Instructor, Yoga teacher, Fitness trainer, triathlon trainer, Bike Fitter, etc.

Does this class require an exam?

No, we have a lot of practical operation exercises, and it is the most important thing to really learn to use it!

What is included in the course fee?

Continuously updated color handouts, international certifications, exquisite electronic certificates, exquisite lunch boxes, and multiple teaching assistants to assist in on-site practice.

How to obtain international certification?

Those who participate in the whole course can obtain the international certification qualification, and the electronic certification certificate will be issued after the course.

Are there any restrictions during class?
  • There are water dispensers in the class venue. In response to environmental protection, please bring your own reusable cups.
  • In order to maintain the quality of the class, please do not accompany you or bring children into the classroom. Only the applicant himself/herself is allowed to enter the class.
  • Video recordings and live broadcasts are not available for this course.
Is the FixSit Posture Cushion a must-have?

Practical operation exercises will use a lot of FixSit posture adjustment cushions. We will provide teaching materials for class practice, but only for classroom practice.

If your future case will have long-term sedentary problems, it is recommended that you can purchase a help case adjustment, or recommend it to your case.

Can I retrain?

YES! Each of our basic courses is open to two senior sisters for free recurrent training, and we will notify the senior sisters to register for recurrent training when the registration is open.

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COVID-19 Prevention

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, this course will implement the following precautionary measures:

When the temperature is measured
, the staff will measure the forehead temperature. If the temperature exceeds (inclusive) 37.5 degrees, you will not be allowed to enter the course and will be reserved for the next course.
Hand disinfection
When reporting, the staff will spray alcohol to disinfect the hands.
For hand cleaning
, please strengthen hand cleaning before and after the implementation. Alcohol for disinfection will also be provided on site.
The course of wearing a mask
has a lot of practical and physical contact. Please wear a medical-grade mask throughout the whole process to reduce the chance of droplet transmission.

About Teaching Aids

FixSit Posture Adjustment Cushion

The basic course will apply the assessment results of the ABC Posturo-Logical Method to quickly set the FixSit posture adjustment cushion , so that students can quickly understand the impact of sitting posture on body posture, and demonstrate the effect of correct sitting posture on pelvis, spine and body balance.

FixSit Posture Adjustment Cushion is a customized cushion that can be adjusted according to the user’s condition, suitable for all age groups.

※ Specification

ColorBlue / Green / Pink
SizeL 42.7 cm x W 26 cm x H 4.5 cm
Weight990 g
ContentSoft seat upper, base, corrective buttons, carrying bag
Material90%  XL EXTRALIGHT®
10% PVC

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