Just Walk Lower Limb Trainer

The Just Walk Lower Limb Trainer is a product developed by the Israeli company Salute, which is mainly used to assist rehabilitation patients to train their lower limbs. Allow patients with unstable gait to strengthen the training benefits of daily walking training; it can also be used with other lower limb rehabilitation equipment to enhance the effect of lower limb training.

Just Walk covers the entire rehabilitation process, from inpatient to outpatient to home, with resistance that can be easily adjusted by the patient.

Traditional Gait Training

In the past, when patients performed walking training, they used sandbags or elastic ropes to assist in training muscle strength or gait, helping patients to walk out of the correct gait, or reducing the frequency of incorrect gait.


Providing downward weight, the user needs to work harder when lifting the foot.

Elastic Rope

Given upward rebound resistance and a specific direction of torque, the user can train muscle strength and reduce wrong gait when stepping on.

However, whether it is a sandbag or an elastic rope, they can only provide one-way strength, and it is difficult to train the lifting and landing at the same time. We need to do two kinds of training separately, which takes more than twice the time to achieve the desired training effect.

Among them, the elastic rope needs another person to assist in the operation, which increases the possibility of falling and injury risks in many training processes.

Innovative Gait Training Program


The tension rope is retracted into the device body, which will provide assistance to help the user complete the action of lifting the foot.

Terminal Swing

The user will need more strength to stretch the lower limbs to achieve the effect of training muscle strength.

The Just Walk lower limb trainer can provide continuous resistance when the user’s lower limbs are stretched through a special magnetic design.

On the one hand, it assists the user to reduce the tension when lifting the foot and make a correct foot-lifting action; on the other hand, it trains the user’s stepping strength and enhances the muscle strength of the lower limbs.

At the same time, through the torque in a specific direction, it helps the user to adjust the incorrect gait (such as: hanging foot, foot inversion, foot eversion, small step, excessive knee extension).

Fully Customized Training Program

Choose the Best Intensity

Provides linear resistance of approximately 15 to 55 Newtons (approximately 1.5 to 5.6 kgf).

The tension of the device can be easily adjusted by rotating the dial on the body.

Single / Double use

Two device bodies can be hung on the belt, and users can choose to use only one side or both sides at the same time according to the user’s situation.

Adjustable Belt

The waist belt can be freely adjusted in length, suitable for users of different body types.

Both the waist belt and the feet buckle are available in S and L sizes, and you can choose the appropriate size according to the user’s body shape.

Freely Set the Torque Direction

The belt can be rotated and used to transfer the device body to any position on the waist.

The position of the foot buckle can be adjusted by itself, so that the resistance and power assistance provided by the device can be at the most appropriate position to achieve the best training effect.

Combined with belt rotation and foot buckle position adjustment, it can provide the user with torque in different directions, so as to adjust or assist the user to train the correct muscle group.


I have to walk with a cane all day for fear of falling.
With this amazing device, I stood up straight and regained my confidence in walking and in myself.

85 years old with balance problems

Helps me lift my feet up and down stairs and improves my walking.

50 years old with multiple sclerosis

After using it for a period of time, the tension in my feet has decreased a lot. It used to be very painful every day, but now it is no longer painful. If the tension is relatively strong, you can also do muscle strength training in bed, which is a very convenient set of rehabilitation equipment.

30 years old with Spinal Cord Injury Patients

I can consider this device in all phases of a patient’s rehabilitation.

Yoav Gimmon

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