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Welcome to the Anlida Technology website (hereinafter referred to as “this website”). Please read the terms of this article carefully before using or browsing this website. When you use or browse this website, you agree to abide by the following terms. If you do not agree DO NOT USE OR VIEW THIS WEBSITE AS CONTENT OF THESE TERMS.

This website can revise, modify, delete or add the terms and content of this agreement at its own discretion at any time. After the modification, it will be published on this website. This website will no longer notify members and users individually. It is recommended that you pay attention to the modification or change of the terms of this website at any time. If you continue to use the services of this website after any modification or change, it will be deemed as your I have understood and agreed to accept such modifications or changes.


This website provides medical, rehabilitation, long-term care, health, life and other such information. The information contained on this website, except for products that have been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration and obtained relevant drug certification, any statement or statement about the possible health benefits conferred by any non-medical device has not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. The information should therefore not be relied upon, is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnoses, treats or prevents any disease, does not convey medical advice, and does not constitute the practice of medicine.

The product information on this website is not intended to provide complete medical information. If you have any medical symptoms, you should seek medical treatment or go to a medical institution immediately, and operate related products under the instructions of professional medical personnel.

Personal Data Protection Statement

Personal data obtained through member registration and other activities or transactions are protected and regulated in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” of this website and the Personal Data Protection Act.

Intellectual Property

The software or programs used on this website, and all content on the website, including written works, pictures, files, information, materials, website structure, arrangement of website screens, and webpage design, all have their intellectual property rights in accordance with the law, including trademark rights, patents Copyright, copyright, trade secrets and proprietary technology, etc., please do not copy the entire article to your website for publication without permission, but you can share short excerpts and jump to this website to read the full article through the link URL. Some of the pictures on this website are used with the permission of the manufacturer or supplier, and the copyright of these pictures belongs to the manufacturer or supplier, and shall not be reproduced and used without the permission of the original manufacturer or supplier; and some pictures may be third-party link sources , will be used in accordance with the image authorization specification. Any logos, images or drawings produced by this website are copyrighted by this website and may not be shared, copied or quoted for any purpose without express written permission.

Under the principle of respecting the intellectual property rights of others, members agree not to infringe on the intellectual property rights of others when using this website. If a full-length article is required, prior written consent of this website must be obtained in accordance with the law. If a member is involved in infringement, this website may suspend all or part of the service, or directly cancel the member account, etc. If there is any damage, the website may request compensation for the resulting damage.

If you find that your intellectual property rights have been infringed, please email (E-mail) the situation and contact information of the infringement, together with a true statement and a statement of legal intellectual property rights, to: Marketing@Anlida-Tech.com contacted the site personnel for disposition.

Submit Content

For members to publish articles, comments, photos, videos, artwork and other content through this website, members agree to grant their published content unlimited, royalty-free, permanent use within a reasonable range, and also It can be used to collect, process, save, and transmit such information to provide other information or services on this website, or as member statistics, or to conduct research on related behaviors, or for any legal use.

Members are solely responsible for the online messages they post, and this website is not responsible for the consequences of any messages posted by members on the Internet. Any content identified as inappropriate by this website, this website has the final right to terminate the user’s access to all public areas of this website or any website that violates these terms and conditions. This website as a whole reserves the right to monitor, edit or delete any information posted on the website to protect the personal safety of our customers or the public.

Members agree to abide by the terms and conditions of not posting or transmitting to this site:

  • Post content that is unlawful, libelous, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, profane, hateful, or objectionable under racial, ethnic, or international law.
  • Advertisement or promotion of any product or service not permitted on this site in writing.
  • False, misleading, constituting unfair or deceptive trade practices.
  • Items that promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal substance.
  • Violation of other people’s privacy, breach of contract content and obligations.
  • Infringe any third party’s patents, trademarks, trade names, business names, trade secrets, copyrights, publicity or other proprietary intellectual property rights, or post that may contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other design changes, interruptions, obstructions, Files or programs that limit or disrupt the performance or functionality of any software, hardware, or other device.

Once any material is uploaded, transmitted, input or provided to this website by a member, it is deemed that the member has allowed this website to unconditionally use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, change, disseminate, issue, and publicly publish such information, and the aforementioned Members have no objection to the transfer of rights to this website. Members should also ensure that the use of this website will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. This website further has the right (but not the obligation) to decide, modify, and delete any content on the website that violates the conditions. Indemnity liability, this website shall be held harmless from any loss, expense, liability, claim.

Due to the use of online transactions or activities provided by this website, it may be necessary to complete the delivery or retrieval of goods (or gifts, etc.) through home delivery or freight operators. In this regard, the member agrees and authorizes that this website may, depending on the needs and purposes of the online transaction or activity, provide the personal information provided by the member and necessary for delivery (such as: recipient name, delivery address, contact number, etc.) , provided to home delivery or freight forwarders to facilitate the delivery and retrieval of the goods (or gifts, etc.) for that time.

Third Party Content

The third-party content provided by this website is provided for use according to the current status of the third-party content at that time. This website does not assume any express or implied responsibility for its performance, speed, integrity, reliability, security, correctness, etc. Warranty. Use of third-party websites is at your own risk and acceptance of their terms and conditions of use. Individual articles and website information on these third-party websites come from the original authors of the websites and retain their copyright specifications.

Limitation of Liability

This website tries its best to maintain that the emails or their contents sent by the webpages, servers, domains, etc. of this website do not contain harmful substances such as computer viruses; however, it cannot guarantee that the transmission and storage of emails, files or data are correct and will not be disconnected and errors, etc., the website is not responsible for any damages caused by the failure, loss or error of the transmission or storage of the emails, files or data.

Personal Data Protection Statement

Personal data obtained through member registration and other activities or transactions are protected and regulated in accordance with the “Personal Data Protection Statement” of this website and the Personal Data Protection Act.

Member Account and Password

  • When registering as a member of this website, a set of account and password will be set as the identity to enter this website. It is the responsibility of the member to maintain the security of the account and password. Any member account number and password entered in accordance with the prescribed method are consistent with the login information, whether entered by the user himself or not, shall be deemed to be used by the member himself, and the member himself shall be fully responsible for all actions performed using the account number and password.

Precautions for Members

  • When a member’s account number or password is stolen or any security problem occurs, the member should immediately notify this website.
  • You should log out of your account after using this service every time. If you share the computer with others or use a public computer, please close the browser window when you leave.
  • Member accounts, passwords and rights and interests are for the personal use and enjoyment of members only, and may not be lent, transferred or shared with others.
  • This website shall not be responsible for any damages caused by account number and password being stolen, improperly used, or other situations where the website cannot be identified as being used by the person himself.
  • If this website knows that the member’s account number and password are indeed being used by others, it will immediately suspend the use of the account (including the processing of transactions generated by the account).

Membership Obligations

Members agree not to use the services of this website for any illegal purpose or in any illegal way, and promise to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China and all international practices for using the Internet. If the member is a user outside the Republic of China, he agrees to abide by the laws and regulations of the country or region to which he belongs. Members agree and guarantee that they will not use the services of this website to engage in acts that infringe on the rights and interests of others or violate the law, including the following:

  • Publish or transmit any untrue, defamatory, insulting, indecent, obscene, threatening, offensive, contrary to public order or good customs, or any other illegal text, pictures or any form of file information.
  • Publish, transmit, send spam, illegal or unauthorized messages and advertisements, etc.; infringe and damage the reputation of this website or others, privacy rights, business secrets, intellectual property rights (trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights) and other rights.
  • Violation of confidentiality obligations under laws or contracts.
  • Use the services of this website in the name of others.
  • Those who transmit or distribute computer viruses, backdoor programs, or affect the normal operation of this website or other users’ computers.
  • Engage in commercial activities that are not authorized in advance by this website.
  • Other behaviors that do not conform to the purpose of use provided by the services of this website, or behaviors that this website has legitimate reasons to consider inappropriate.

Trading Behavior

  • When members use this website to conduct transactions, they should proceed according to the confirmed commodity quantity and price mechanism provided by this website.
  • Members agree to use this website to order goods, before this website confirms the shipment, this website still reserves the right not to accept the order or cancel the shipment.
  • If members use this website to order goods, if they return or exchange goods, cancel orders, or have any behaviors that this website considers inappropriate and cause trouble or damage to the operation of this website, this website will refuse the transaction or cancel it permanently according to the circumstances. membership. If the product ordered by the member falls under the following circumstances:
    A. Pre-order items.
    B. The product page shows no stock.
    C. The goods must be transferred to the supplier.
    D. Transfer to the manufacturer for shipment.
    Due to the characteristics of commodity transactions, if there is a shortage of commodities or the supplier cannot supply goods smoothly for some reason, resulting in the failure of the order to be established, this website will inform you in the most appropriate way. If the order has been established, the order can be canceled and the paid amount will be refunded. payment.
  • When members use this service to conduct transactions, they may exercise their rights in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.


For the convenience of users, this website may use Cookie technology in order to provide services that are more suitable for the user’s personal needs; Cookie is a technology used by the website server to communicate with the user’s browser, and it may store certain information in the user’s computer. However, users can cancel or limit this function through the browser settings.

This website uses Google Analytics. For more information on how to use Google Analytics, please visit the following URLs:

Changes to the Service Content of the Website and the Sending of E-newsletters and E-DMs

  • Members agree to the scope of services provided by this website. This website may increase, decrease, change or terminate the items or content of related services according to business needs and actual conditions, and there is no need to notify members individually.
  • Members agree that this website may send e-newsletter or product information (E-DM) to the member’s registered e-mail account from time to time. When a member refuses to accept marketing after receiving the message, this website will stop sending marketing messages.

Cessation and Interruption of Service

This website is constructed through the services provided by wordpress.com, and will maintain the normal operation of the system and services in accordance with generally reasonable techniques and methods. However, under the following circumstances, this website has the right to stop and interrupt the provision of this website service:

  • When the service provided by the service provider of this website is interrupted.
  • When the electronic communication service applied for on this website is stopped and the service cannot be provided.
  • When this website cannot provide services due to force majeure factors such as natural disasters or other reasons not attributable to this website.

Refusal or Termination of Membership

Members agree that this website may terminate the member’s password, account (or any part thereof) or the use of this service for any reason in violation of the express provisions and spirit of the terms of service based on the consideration of maintaining transaction security, and the use of this network service Any “member content” in the website shall be removed and deleted, and the service or any part of this website may be terminated at any time in accordance with the email notification retained by the member. In addition, the member agrees that if the use of the service of this website is terminated, the website shall not be liable to the member or any third party.

Court of Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of this clause, as well as disputes related to this clause, shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China. Unless otherwise provided by law, both parties agree to use the Taiwan Taipei District Court as the court of first instance jurisdiction.

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