About Anlida-Tech

Anlida Technology was established in December 2020, and is committed to introducing all kinds of assistive devices from around the world to create solutions in the three major fields of high-tech medical treatment, rehabilitation and long-term care, and healthy life. The team members are composed of professional medical personnel and a team of experts who have been in the field of medical services for more than 20 years to provide professional and credible services.

In the field of high-tech medical treatment, Anlida Technology provides global innovative, effective and easy-to-use medical products, focusing on two major solutions for digestive tract and scar care, to help medical institutions reduce the burden of medical personnel and reduce possible harm to patients, and Make treatment more effective through innovative technology. The solution centered on medical results is expected to bring higher medical quality to medical institutions, improve medical capacity, and serve more patients in need.

In the field of rehabilitation and long-term care, Anlida Technology has introduced AI artificial intelligence, gamification training, and advanced technological aids to provide users with the most needed services. For degeneration, specific diseases and postoperative patients, we provide more accurate and scientific methods to improve the effect of rehabilitation, and supplemented with innovative aids to improve patients’ living ability, allowing patients to return to daily life as soon as possible, and even achieve “self-reliance” aim to reduce the burden on caregivers.

In the field of healthy life, Anlida Technology brings users: (1) A safer living environment. (2) A healthier body balance program. (3) Maintenance plan for daily health care. Through daily maintenance, healthy people can maintain their health, and slow down the development of the physical condition of the “sub-healthy” group to chronic diseases, so that everyone can have a higher quality of life.

In addition, Anlida Technology also provides education and training on innovative medical materials for professional medical personnel, assisting medical personnel to quickly understand new medical materials, and apply them to surgery, postoperative, hospitalization and post-discharge care to maintain the therapeutic effect. In addition, Anlida Technology also provides health education courses for non-medical personnel to enhance the public’s knowledge of public health. We hope that through our efforts, the public can reduce the harm that may be caused by various daily lives.

Vision of Anlida-Tech

Become the most reliable high-tech medical, rehabilitation and long-term care, healthy life service provider. We believe that every user deserves to use the best medical equipment, assistive devices and daily necessities.

Mission of Anlida-Tech

Through the combination of various innovative products, we can provide better services for medical institutions, various institutions, enterprises and individuals, and improve the quality of medical care, care and life.

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