Bimeo Upper Limb Training System


Bimeo, developed by Slovenia-based Kinestica, is a sensor-operated upper-body training device paired with games that simulate real-world environments. Bimeo is designed to effectively train and motivate users and provide physicians, therapists, and nurses with a more convenient training method.

Bimeo encourages users to use the less affected arm to assist with movement through automated training task management and optimization of assistance intensity, through activities of daily living type exercises and cognitive tasks.

Bimeo is a wireless and quantifiable upper limb training assistance system. Through the system to objectively evaluate motor function, it can be used to design corresponding tasks and make training more in line with the needs of patients. Physicians, therapists, and nurses can also use it to Track the previous training data, easily track the user’s training progress and adjust the difficulty of training.

Thus, Bimeo makes upper body training more efficient and reduces overall training time.

Multiple Training Modes

Bimeo provides a variety of training modes. With the quick release design of the device itself, it is easy to change accessories, and a new training method can be started with a few clicks in the program.

Bimanual Mode

Arms coupled to provide necessary assistance or resistance during movement. Assessment and evaluation of passive arm range of motion.

Unimanual Mode

Therapy of the more affected arm in free space or gravity minimized position. Assessment and evaluation of active arm range of motion.

Isolated Arm Joint Mode

Isolated therapy of individual arm joints: shoulder, elbow, wrist. Assessment and evaluation of joint range of motion.

Bimanual Mode with Support

Less affected arm assisted movements with weight compensation on support surface. Assessment and evaluation of passive arm range of motion.

Unimanual Mode with Support

Therapy of the more affected arm with arm weight compensation on support surface. Assessment and evaluation of active arm range of motion.

Support Sphere Mode

Isolated wrist therapy with support and assessment of active joint range of motion.

Quantification of Training Results

Objective Assessments

The Objective Assessments tasks encourage patients to perform simple movements as accurately as possible, and the Bimeo system will accurately and objectively evaluate each patient’s exercise status, and store the evaluation scores in the patient’s personal database. In this way, a doctor or therapist can objectively monitor each patient’s progress.

Gamified Therapy

During the training tasks, patients will face more complex challenges. These trainings mimic the activities of daily life, and through interesting games, patients can focus on the tasks. The scores in these tasks will also be stored in the patient’s personal database, which is the basis for subsequent observation of training effects.

Why Choose Bimeo Upper Limb Training System?

Boost User Motivation

Using virtual reality games to improve rehabilitation motivation of patients, the positive effect of virtual reality on training has been scientifically proven.

Objectively Assess User Status

Data obtained through sensors and specific tasks can provide a more objective understanding of a patient’s condition and progress.

After the training effectiveness of upper limb rehabilitation can be quantified, doctors, therapists, and patients can see the progress of patients more intuitively, and can also prescribe new exercise prescriptions accordingly.

Multiple Training Mode Options

Physicians, therapists can prescribe a variety of training programs: two-handed, one-handed, using a plank, supporting balls, individual joint movements, and active-assisted movements.

Easy to Use

Bimeo is simple and intuitive. Physicians, therapists, and nurses can adjust training settings with just a few clicks on the screen. When starting a new training window, relevant information will be stored for later reference.

Short Setup Time

Setup and initialization can be completed in one minute without affecting the patient.

An exclusive treatment plan can be set in advance for each patient. After the patient registers, he can start training for 20-60 minutes.

Lower Treatment Costs

A medical staff can assist multiple patients to use Bimeo for training at the same time. During the training process of patients, therapists can spend less time on patients and serve more patients.

We also provide installment or lease plans to reduce the burden of purchasing products for medical institutions.

No Risk of Injury

The system consists of a light-weight battery-operated induction unit without any actuator device (passive movement device), thus completely eliminating the risk of injury to the user or medical personnel.

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