Professional Courses

ABC Posturo-Logcical Method International Certification Course

The ABC Posturo-Logical Method is a system initiated by Italian physiotherapist Gian Pietro Mainardi, based on the theory of human biomechanics, and aimed at the rapid assessment of the overall posture of the body. In the class, we will show you how to quickly confirm a case as Type A, Type B or Type C within 5 minutes.

For different types, we will help you quickly find out the trigger points and possible root causes of problems, and propose how to apply what you have learned to help the case effectively solve the problem.

Compensatory Points Method Certification Course

Initiated by physiotherapist Shi, Shun-Jie, by finding out the compensatory points of various parts of the body and the functional muscle movements they compensate for and reset them, so that the muscles and fascia on the body can return to normal Standard, perform their duties in their own positions to achieve the best biomechanical mode of operation.

Different from traditional treatment methods for unbalanced muscles, CP Method therapy is quick and effective, and because of its immediate effect, we can better understand how unbalanced muscles and movement control modes affect human performance.

【Corporate Lecture】Don’t Let Work Ruin Your Body – Occupational Musculoskeletal Injuries and Health Exercise

Faced with the impact of the epidemic and changes in work patterns, people have to sit at home and in the office for longer and longer periods of time. The impact of various bad sitting postures has also caused a lot of damage to our bodies, and we often feel sore here and there.

How to maintain physical health in an environment that requires sedentary work? The lecturer will share with you what is “cumulative occupational injury” from the perspective of a professional therapist, and tell you how to reduce this type of injury, don’t miss it!

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