Smart Scar Care Pad

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  • Scars are often tight, itchy, stinging, and painful, making them uncomfortable and life-threatening.

If you also have scar-related troubles, then you must not miss the product “Smart Scar Care Pad”!

What are scars?

Scars are part of the normal healing process and are made of the most common tissue in the body – collagen. The dermis has a lot of collagen, and during the wound healing process, fibroblasts will regenerate and destroy collagen. Scarring occurs when the lower layers of the dermis are damaged.

According to skin pathology and appearance, scars can be divided into superficial scars, atrophic scars, hypertrophic scars, keloids, and burn scars.

Common Raised Scars

When the wound heals, different types of scars may occur depending on the constitution of the individual. Among them, the scars that are most likely to occur on the skin include: Hypertrophic Scar, Keloid, and Burn Scar. Smart Scar Care Pad is a new treatment for these three kinds of scars.

Hypertrophic Scar

This kind of scar has a red appearance, a slightly firm raised structure to the touch, no excessive collagen accumulation, and the scar is limited to the original wound area. It is possible that it will gradually shrink over time. The protruding scars after healing of common surgical wounds (such as: caesarean section, medical aesthetic surgery, surgery, orthopedic surgery) are hypertrophic scars.


Similar in appearance and cause to hypertrophic scars, but keloids spread in all directions and do not shrink over time. That is, collagen builds up in the area, making the scar larger than the actual size of the wound.

Burn Scar

Burned skin, especially large-scale burns, often causes “scar contracture”, which in turn causes limb dysfunction and the loss of the ability to deal with daily life. In addition, deep burns (including electrical burns) may cause more serious nerve damage, amputation, limb deformation, muscle atrophy and other problems.

Smart Scar Care Pad

Innovatively developed by Professor Li Zeng Huiping of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Smart Scar Care Pad combines the advantages of pressure therapy and silicone therapy.

Upper Layer

Silicone Column (cylindrical) can provide uniform and sufficient pressure for hypertrophic scars. It can adapt to different body contours and match the height of different cylinders to achieve a sufficient pressure level.

Lower Layer

Medical-grade silicone gel coating. Studies have shown that silicone gel can effectively prevent hypertrophic scars from losing moisture, thereby improving the water retention of hypertrophic scars and reducing itching.

Create a Scar-Less World

The silicone rubber column of Smart Scar Care Pad can provide even and sufficient pressure on the scar.


The silicone gel coating of Smart Scar Care Pad can help moisturize the scar and lock in the moisture of the scar tissue.

Pressure Equalization

Smart Scar Care Pad are easy to cut, and can fit different body contours, so that the pressure is evenly distributed on the surface of the scar.

Four Characteristics

Double-layer Design, Multiple Therapeutic Effects

Smart Scar Care Pad adopts a double-layer design, the upper layer gives appropriate pressure to the scar, and the lower layer of silicone gel coating prevents the water loss of the scar, thereby moisturizing and reducing itching.

Pressure Demand, Perfect Match

The combination of different silicone rubber column heights, diameters and silicone gel layer thickness can be selected according to individual needs, so that you can receive the best pressure therapy.

Easy to Cut and Fit Your Body

The pad can be cut freely to fit various parts of the body. Parts that are not easy to pressurize, such as joints and fingers, can also be fitted and provided with the most suitable pressure through the oblique shear pressure column, so that the patch is not easy to fall off.

Easy to Clean, Comfortable and Durable

Clean daily to maintain comfort and hygiene. In order to ensure the best results, it is recommended to replace it after four weeks of use. When the transparent silicone gel under the flat scar sticker turns yellow or milky white, please replace it immediately.

Five Functions

Smart Scar Care Pad has the following five functions to help you take care of scars more easily:

  1. Scar Growth Promotion: Wisdom Flat Scar Plaster can promote scar growth, make scars mature at a faster speed, and solve the problem of long-term hyperplasia.
  2. Scar Elasticity Improvement: Smart Scar Plaster uses moisturizing function to make scar tissue in a more elastic state, which is more conducive to scar recovery.
  3. Pigmentation Reduced: Smart Scar Patch can accelerate scar maturation, thereby reducing the accumulation time of pigmentation.
  4. Scar Lightening: Through the design of the pressure column on the upper layer of the smart flat scar, it can give appropriate pressure to the hypertrophic scar and keloid, so as to reduce the thickness of the scar and dilute the scar.
  5. Reduce Water Loss: The design of the lower silicone layer of the smart flat scar paste can moisturize the scar and lock the moisture of the scar tissue, giving the scar a better recovery environment.

Pressure Measurement

Using the Smart Pressure Pad alone can provide a pressure of about 17 mmHg on the scar, which is close to the pressure value (20-25 mmHg) that can be provided by general pressure clothing.

Simultaneously using the Smart Scar Care Pad and the Smart Pressure Pad can provide a pressure of about 20-35 mmHg on the scar, giving the scar the optimum pressure and accelerating the scar maturation.

※ The APP unit has been corrected from the background to mmHg with the assistance of the manufacturer, but the front desk cannot be corrected temporarily, so it is displayed as N.
※ Current studies have pointed out that for hypertrophic scars and keloids, if it can provide higher pressure than pressure garments while ensuring comfort, it will be a better choice.


Surgical Scar

2020.05.27 Before Use

Smart Scar Care Pad in use
(Use the old version of Pressure Pad to increase pressure)

2020.08.27 After Use


2019.10.31 Before Use

Smart Scar Care Pad in use
(Use the new version of Pressure Pad and auxiliary wood to pressurize)

2021.12.11 After Use

Burn Scars

2020.06.10 Before Use

Smart Scar Care Pad in use
(compression with a compression garment)

2021.11.05 After Use

Product Types of Smart Scar Care Pad

Sheets – Smart Scar Care Pad

Products designed for hypertrophic scars, keloids or burn/scald scars. According to the shape, location, and thickness of the scar, the Smart Scar Care Pad can be cut to the most suitable height and shape of the scar, and can give the scar the most appropriate pressure and moisturizing effect.

SP3002 with larger cylinder is suitable for most scars and body parts.

SP2002 with a smaller cylinder is suitable for hypertrophic scars on children, face and fingers, and is more suitable for thin or curved body parts.

ModelSpecificationPackage Instruction
SP3002Dimensions: 30cm x 21cm
Thickness: 0.9 cm
Column height: 0.6 cm
Cylinder diameter: 0.5 cm
boxed, one piece per box
SP3002BDimensions: 7.5cm x 21cm
Thickness: 0.9 cm
Column height: 0.6 cm
Cylinder diameter: 0.5 cm
boxed, one piece per box
SP2002Dimensions: 20cm x 14cm
Thickness: 0.6 cm
Column height: 0.3 cm
Cylinder diameter: 0.3 cm
boxed, one piece per box
SP2002BDimensions: 5cm x 14cm
Thickness: 0.6 cm
Column height: 0.3 cm
Cylinder diameter: 0.3 cm
boxed, one piece per box

Sticks – Smart Scar Care Pad

Designed for straight scars from cuts, surgery or accidents, smaller scars can also be used. The pre-cut design makes the use faster and more convenient, and it can be used after disassembly.

The special design with the heightened silicone rubber column in the middle allows the user to choose a Smart Scar Care Pad suitable for the length of the scar, and stick it together with the pressure patch on the closed wound or scar, which can be used to prevent and treat hypertrophic scars and crab feet after surgery.

ModelSpecificationPackage Instruction
1501 CombinationDimensions: 15 cm x 1.5 cm
Thickness: 0.4 cm
Column height: 0.3 cm
Cylinder diameter: 0.3 cm
Contains 1 surgical scar patch and 1 pressure patch
Pressure sticker size: L 19cm x W 5cm x D 0.05cm
1001 CombinationDimensions: 10 cm x 1.5 cm
Thickness: 0.4 cm
Column height: 0.3 cm
Cylinder diameter: 0.3 cm
Contains 1 surgical scar patch and 1 pressure patch
Pressure sticker size: L 14cm x W 5cm x D 0.05cm

※ This product is recommended to be used with Smart Pressure Pad.

Roll – Smart Pressure Pad

The Smart Pressure Pad is a silicone pressure patch with a special vent design. Its viscosity comes from medical-grade silicone gel, which can greatly reduce the risk of skin allergies; the upper PU elastic fabric is rich in elasticity, and has many characteristics such as water repellency and fit.

The segmented design is convenient for users to tear apart easily, and its width can be used with smart scar plasters or other pressure treatments.

Just using the Smart Pressure pad can also provide scar moisturizing and compressive functions. If you want to let the scar have more ventilation opportunities and want to fade the scar faster, you must not miss Smart Pressure Pad!

Medical Equipment Sales License

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