FixSit Customized Posture Adjustment Cushion

92% of people have poor sitting posture

Research shows that people spend more than 71% of their time sitting in a sitting position. And according to the survey conducted by Bost Online Market Research Network, as many as 92% of people do not maintain a good sitting posture at any time. Poor sitting posture in the early stage of pregnancy can cause the body to tilt the pelvis.

According to the ABC Posturo-Logical Method, the rotation of the pelvis will occur in three dimensions: sagittal, frontal, and horizontal. The excessive rotation of the pelvis will cause the pelvis to tilt forward, backward, forward, backward, and up and down.

Once the pelvis, which is the foundation of the human body, is skewed, it will drive the rotation of the bones, muscles, and fascia of the whole body at the same time, causing excessive tension in some parts of the body, and excessive stretching in some parts of the body, which will cause tension, discomfort, and pain over time. And other issues.

Most everyday discomfort comes from pelvic tilt

The common pelvic skew will twist the bones, muscles, and fascia of the whole body, resulting in daily inertial tension, which will lead to various problems. Common problems include: shoulder and neck discomfort, upper and lower back discomfort, easy flashing to the waist, and lower limb joints Discomfort, sports injuries, protruding belly, round back, visceral fascia tension and discomfort,…etc.

Are You Adjusting Your Sitting Posture Correctly?

According to the definition of the National Health Service, sitting for more than 6 consecutive hours is sedentary. With the changes in life and work patterns, sitting in a sitting position has become the daily routine of most people. Observed office workers and student groups are all long-term sedentary groups.

Some studies have shown that after the average office worker returns home from get off work, 70% of office workers will sit for another 3 hours, maintaining a sitting position for as many as 9-12 hours throughout the day.

We know that most doctors, therapists, orthopedists, and corrective exercise coaches recommend that we spend less time sitting, or that we get up and move more often. However, in most cases, it is difficult for us to achieve this goal! Under such a premise, it is very important to choose a tool that can help the pelvis maintain its correct position!

Customized adjustment of sitting posture

FixSit customized posture adjustment cushion is a product developed and designed by Italian physiotherapist Dr. Gian Pietro Mainardi. It is a set of cushions that can be customized and adjusted for each user. In addition to a comfortable sitting experience, it can also improve the problem of poor sitting posture.


A body balance expert will conduct a physical assessment for you first, and then according to the state of your pelvis and spine, you can insert adjustment buttons of different heights at the corresponding protruding points, and you can get a customized FixSit posture adjustment cushion that is exclusive to you.

Posture Assessment

Posture assessment by experts certified internationally by the ABC Posturo-Logical Method to determine pelvic skew.

Set Adjustment Buttons

According to the postural evaluation results of ABC Posturo-Logical Method, place adjustment bricks at the corresponding positions.

Put Upper Cushion

Put on the top cushion and you can get your own completely customized cushion.

Start Using

By placing the cushion on the chair you use every day, you can maintain the normal position of the pelvis on a daily basis. It can also be used during sitting exercises (such as: yoga, Zen soft, heavy training, etc.) to make the training effect better.

Custom Posture Adjustment Cushions with Empirical Research

The FixSit posture adjustment cushion provides support from the sit bones, follows the concept of biomechanics, and uses adjustment buttons of different heights to create a cushion with a specific inclination angle to achieve the purpose of adjusting the sitting posture.

The standard user has a retroverted pelvis and a left-centered center of gravity before use. After use, the problem of pelvic retroversion has been greatly improved, and the left and right centers of gravity are relatively balanced.

Immediate Response to Postural Adjustments

The FixSit Posture Adjustment Cushion adjusts instantly, and simply placing the adjustment buttons in the correct position brings the posture back to a relatively more balanced state.

Lightweight & Easy to Carry

With a length of 42.7 cm, a width of 26 cm, and a thickness of 4.5 cm, the design considers various chairs for daily use, allowing you to easily use them on sofas, office chairs, ergonomic chairs, desks and chairs.

The total weight is only about 990 grams, and the FixSit carrying bag is included with the purchase, so that you can carry the FixSit cushion with you and maintain the best sitting posture at any time.

Suitable for

It is suitable for people of any age, as long as they sit for a long time or need to maintain the pelvic alignment:

  • Office workers who sit and work for a long time (such as: car drivers, office workers, engineers, production line employees, medical staff, etc.).
  • Students and candidates who sit for a long time to study and do homework.
  • A couch potato who has been following dramas for a long time.
  • Players who solve tasks for a long time and play dungeons.
  • Internet celebrities and editors who record and edit videos for a long time.
  • Children with poor sitting habits.
  • Athletes who often need to maintain pelvic alignment (such as yoga, gyrotonic, weight training).
  • Cases that need to maintain the pelvic alignment after performing physical therapy, acupuncture, rehabilitation, and corrective exercises.

Find a FIXSIT International Certified Professional

We work with experts certified by the ABC Posturo-Logical Method (members include: physical therapists, orthopedists, rehabilitation physicians, orthopedists, Pilates trainers, yoga instructors, retraining instructors, Fitter and other posture correction Professionals) to help you adjust the cushion so that you can easily maintain a good sitting posture in your daily life.

You can make an appointment with an international certified expert near your location, or you can contact FixSit international certified experts directly to obtain exclusive discounts.

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