• FDA-approved rehabilitation system to help improve finger mobility.
  • Ready to use, no special training required.
  • Combining music therapy and games for an immersive rehabilitation experience.
  • Has been widely used in more than 300 rehabilitation hospitals and more than 10,000 families

Opponent Training Equipment for Rehabilitation with Music

MusicGlove encourages users to perform hundreds of finger exercises through fun and attractive music games, clinically proven to see improvement in finger function within two weeks

Simply put on the MusicGlove, press start and start rehabilitating with this device.

Then follow the melody, and when the notes fall to the bottom of the screen, make appropriate pinching movements with your fingers to achieve the training effect.

Clinically Proven to Significantly Improve Hand Function

In a randomized controlled trial, hand function assessments on the Box & Block Test did significantly improve after two weeks (25 minutes per day) of training compared with users who underwent regular training. Improvement (as shown on the right)

Safe, high-intensity exercise with the MusicGlove stimulates the brain to stimulate neurogenesis.

Participants also reported that they regained the ability to use fine hand functions such as buttoning buttons, brushing teeth, opening doors, typing, washing dishes, or going to the bathroom independently.

The study confirmed that there is a significant correlation (P < 0.01) between MusicGlove post-game scores and Box & Block Test results.

MusicGlove Related Research Literature

Choose the Version that Works Best for You

Hospital VersionPersonal Version
Training AreaFingerFinger
Training ModeTime Mode / Counting ModeTime Mode / Counting Mode
Number of Users1 person at a time
Can record the training status of 100 users
1 person at a time
Can record the training status of 1 user
Number of GlovesOption 1: S, M, one for the left hand and one for the left hand
Option 2: M, L, one for left and right hands
One glove of designated size (S, M, L) for one hand
PlatformOption 1: 21-inch dedicated tablet
Option 2: 10-inch dedicated tablet
10-inch dedicated tablet

What’s Included in MusicGlove?

  • MusicGlove Gloves Set
    • The hospital version includes two sizes for the left and right hands, a total of four gloves;
    • The personal version includes a designated hand and a glove of a designated size;
  • a headset;
  • a tablet computer; and
  • an USB cable.

Simple and Convenient

Our tablets come with all the software you need, no need to install it yourself.

The simple touch interface lets you get started without an external keyboard or mouse.

Lightweight and Portable

With your tablet you can train anywhere – on your desk, in bed or on the go. Turn it on and you’re ready to start rehab.

The hospital version uses a 21-inch tablet, which saves desk space and eliminates the need to buy another computer, so you don’t have to worry about where to put the device.

Also Works with FitMi

Both FitMi and MusicGlove software are installed on our tablet, so if you have also purchased a FitMi, just plug in your FitMi receiver and start a full-body workout.

Common Problem

Already many people use it?

At present, there are more than 3,000 medical institutions and more than 10,000 families in the world, including: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Europe, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, the United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other places.

I want to use FitMi and MusicGlove at the same time, do I need to buy two sets of tablets?

No, our tablet already includes both software packages, so you can choose to buy our bundle for the lowest price.

Can it be used on iPad or Android tablet?

No, our software will not run on iPad or Android, our products already include tablets.

How long is the product warranty?

We provide a one-year warranty service for MusicGlove.

Can I use it at home without a therapist present?

YES. Many of our customers use personal home versions of their devices at home. Our mission is to help you continue to achieve high-quality rehabilitation outcomes at home when your therapist is at home, when you go to a treatment facility, or after you leave the hospital.

Are MusicGlove suitable for my finger condition?

As long as two of your fingers can touch together, you can use MusicGlove.

How do I choose a glove size?

You can use your index finger to determine which glove size is right for you:

  • S: Approx. 1.34 – 1.78 cm wide for index finger width (maximum width is 2 cm less than the width of a $1 coin).
  • M: Index finger width is approximately 1.78 – 2.14 cm wide (maximum width is approximately the width of a $5 coin).
  • L: Index finger width is about 2.07 – 2.59 inches wide (maximum width is about the width of a $10 coin).

You can also choose to download the file with the size of the finger cot, and compare the fit of your index finger directly after printing it out. If your index finger is smaller than the gray frame, please try to compare the smaller size; if your index finger is larger than the black frame , choose a larger size.

Please choose the most suitable gloves to make the sensing more accurate.

How should gloves be cleaned?
  1. Clean your hands first with soap, water or dry hand washing.
  2. Turn the finger cots inside out and wipe the glove with an alcohol pad or antiseptic pad.
  3. Wear gloves to get started.
  4. After removing gloves, clean your hands
  5. Turn the finger cots inside out and wipe the glove with an alcohol pad or antiseptic pad.
What is the material of the Music Glove?


Sensor: Nora-LX conductive metallized weave (nickel/copper flat weave)
Finger cot, palm surface cloth and wrist strap: F-56 (Nylon elastic fiber glossy special force available cloth)
Finger Cot Lining: Tek Air 70 (Nylon Stain and Water Repellent Horizontal Weave)
Finger strap and palm lining: .5mm diving cloth (L foam nylon single jersey fabric)
Yarn & Other Fabrics: Gütermann MARA 100 Polyester Yarn, Gütermann Tera 40 Polyester Yarn, 1/2″ Braided Elastic, VELCRO Brand Soft Elastic Polyester Trim

Electronic Sensor

USB connector: Type A
Voltage and current: 5V~300mA

Trusted by America’s Top Medical Institutions

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