Purusa Bar Massage Roller

Zheng Xuhui, a 23-year-old masseur, has accumulated 30,000 massage experiences through his accumulated massage experience. The patented fascia roller imitates the massage technique of both hands. Feel comfortable.

Three-Tier Design

According to the needs of massage parts, use double or triple thickness to provide gentle pressing pressure; use a single layer to concentrate the pressing area and provide higher pressing depth and stability.

World’s First
Patented Design

Three-layer elastic design
Biomimetic elastic hardness

Outer Layer

Imitation palm massage force

Middle Layer

Imitation finger massage force

Inner Layer

Imitation elbow massage force

Ultra-thin Medical Velcro Felt

It is easy to remove the glue, and the outer layer is pasted with ultra-thin medical Velcro felt, which can be quickly joined and disassembled.

It can withstand 2500 times of ungluing.

Biomimetic Elasticity

TPE high-elasticity foam close to the elasticity of the fingertips, an evolutionary version of imitation bioelasticity.

After the diameter is reduced, more subtle parts can be pressed, which is closer to the deep effect of manual massage.

Provides excellent tissue coverage and switching between deep and shallow massage.

Lightweight and Easy to Store

With a weight of about 300 grams, it provides three diameters (6-8.5 cm) and elastic changes, multi-functional use, light and easy to store.

※ The weight of the general drum is about 600 grams, and the diameter is about 9-15 cm.

Product Specifications

Inner LayerABS Plastic Steel
6 cm ± 2 cm
Middle LayerTPE imitation finger elastic high rebound coefficient foam
7.2 cm
Outer LayerTPE imitation finger elastic high rebound coefficient foam
8.4 cm
Sticky LayerMedical grade hook and loop

Made in Taiwan

“Made in Taiwan has always been a guarantee of high quality. After visiting manufacturing factories in Taiwan for many years, I realized that many of the world’s major brands are manufactured in Taiwan. The factory owners in Taiwan cooperate with innovation and accept different challenges.”

Inventor – Zheng Xu-Hui

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