Ribcap Medical Protective Soft Helmet

The Invisible Killer

The second leading cause of death from accidental injuries in the elderly – falls

According to statistics, there are more than 300 people who die from falls every year in China, among which more than 40% are over 65 years old, which is the second leading cause of death for the elderly due to accidental injuries.

For example, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral edema, cerebral ischemia, hemorrhagic stroke, etc., if treated in time, may still need to be bedridden for several weeks to several months to recover; if not treated in time, I am afraid that I will not wake up.

The loss on a physical level is palpable,
But the damage on the psychological level is also no small matter:

  • Feelings of Anxiety: Fear of any situation that would lead to a fall.
  • Excessive Worry: Worrying excessively about the consequences of your fall.
  • Insecurity: Fear of the consequences of a fall, such as death, hospitalization, pain.
  • Guilt: After a fall, one feels guilty about requiring caregivers to expend a lot of effort to take care of oneself and to constantly look forward and backward to prevent oneself from falling.

The above-mentioned psychological feelings will lead to a gradual decrease in the willingness of the elderly to go out. Gradually, as the amount of activity decreases, the muscle strength will decrease, and then they will fall into a vicious circle with an increased chance of falling and a decreased willingness to go out.

Not A Patent for The Elderly

Do you think this happens only to older people?

Big mistake! There is also a group of people who are prone to falls due to illness,
Like polio, Pompe disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, etc.,
These potential falls have exceeded one-fifth of the total population of Taiwan,
Falls are no longer just about the elderly population.

Most of these groups have a high chance of falling indirectly due to illness. After a fall, caregivers need to spend more effort, and their recovery speed will be much slower than that of ordinary people.

Prevention Is Better than Cure

Let Ribcap Be Your Head Injury Keeper

The head is an important part in charge of vital functions, thinking and memory, so it is necessary to protect the head first when you fall. However, it is difficult for the elderly and people with limited mobility due to illness due to difficulty in coordination and slow reaction speed. To protect the head by yourself for a while, it is wiser to choose a protective gear that can protect the head from injury at all times, rather than constantly worrying about preventing them from falling.

Soft Headgear for You or Your Loved Ones

Ribcap Can Do What Others Can’t Do

To solve this problem, they abandon comprehensive protection,
The hollow design achieves the effect of heat dissipation.
Can you really feel at ease wearing such a protective gear that cannot fully protect the head?

Using special patented anti-collision sponge technology to absorb strong or repeated impacts,
With strap design, with the most advanced technology,
Provide you with 360-degree peace of mind protection without dead ends.

Not Only Cap,
But Also Care About Your Feelings

Protecting the user’s head is the duty of the anti-collision cap.
Most of the products on the market cover the head with a thick protective layer.

Most of the materials used are stuffy and airtight, and cannot meet the shape of each user’s head.
It causes discomfort to wear and cannot be worn for a long time.

Ribcap Not Only Does What It Should Do,
More Pursuit of Doing Things in Every Possible Way.


Make Your Security Needs into A Fashion

Other protective caps are not only recognizable as head protection at a glance, but even after the user wears them, the strange eyes of others become an additional gift of the product.

RIBCAP Breaks The World’s Definition of Headgear

A variety of fashionable hat designs, ranging from sporty baseball caps, whimsical caps, to casual fisherman hats.

No matter what kind of occasion, you can stand up to it, the only thing you can’t stand up to is the charm value that rises straight after you wear the Ribcap.

Small Cap/Equestrian Hat (Hardy)

Handsome yet elegant style,

neat tailoring with short brim,

presenting your most confident look.

Baseball Cap (Baseball)

Simple and stylish sports style,

streamlined cap body design,

make you low-key and stylish.

Fisherman Hat (Billie)

A versatile style in daily life,

the trendy short brim design

creates a V-shaped small face effect.

Why Ribcap?

Who Needs Ribcap?

  • Persons with reduced mobility due to aging
  • Elderly Depressed Patients
  • cerebral palsy patient
  • polio patients
  • Patients with Rare Genetic Diseases
  • Those who have limited mobility and disability due to illness:
    Parkinson’s disease, stroke (rehabilitation phase), diabetic distal symmetrical polyneuropathy, peripheral neuropathy complicated by other diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • patients with dementia
  • Taking any drugs that affect the central nervous system or treat cardiovascular diseases
  • Patients who have been comatose for more than one to three months
  • Stereotyped repetitive self-injury (head) behavior

Everyone Recommends Ribcap

Experts Recommend

Dr. Amy Hester

The devices used to protect the head in the past, hard hats, hats, they were not designed with the wearer’s appearance in mind.
Ribcap uses innovative, evidence-based research on injury prevention, paired with attractive style, to encourage people not to be embarrassed or afraid to wear a crash helmet.
As a clinician and scientist focused on falls and injury prevention, I fully support the use of Ribcap by those at risk of falls.

Dr. Pat Quigly

All rehabilitation nurses know the importance of wearing head protection for those at high risk of falls.
Thank you Ribcap, your Ribcap products,
All that is being done to prevent fall-related head trauma and head injuries is saving lives.

OT, Shannen Marie

It’s no secret that head injuries for occupational therapists are a public challenge and occur every day.
One of my passions as a therapist is to provide the tools and resources to those I come in contact with so they can incorporate prevention into their daily practice.
I love the concept and I’m really amazed by the designs, the colors of the Ribcap are so beautiful and the quality of the materials.

OT, Danielle Base

I have dedicated my career to working with children and adults who are at risk of falls, and I highly recommend Ribcap bumpers to my colleagues and clients.
This product offers a high level of protection while being available in many styles, which is very rare in the market, yet quite important for those who rely on these products in their daily life.
I have found that it provides the individual with the confidence to carry out daily activities independently, safely and comfortably around others, which is what the Ribcap stands for.

OT, Lindsay

Ribcap offers an impossibly well-designed solution that provides security while maintaining dignity!
The focus on high-quality materials and attractive designs for all ages is what sets this company apart.
The companies that make these products really care about their customers, they care about their customers’ needs, and I feel like that’s one of the things that makes the company and the product progress.
I highly recommend this company to anyone interested in or looking for an epileptic bumper cap! ! ! !

Users Recommend

Diana Hoffman

I am twenty-six years old, an abstract artist,
have epilepsy.
I love wearing these hats because they give me more freedom and more independence. They are also less prone to concussions during seizures.
I love that they don’t make me look obtrusive and still work, they allow me to go places I couldn’t get to before, and they come in a variety of styles.


I immediately decided to buy them, they are safe and suitable for people with epilepsy or balance problems.
I chose this hat for any season and it was the best decision I ever made!

Grandma Bi-Xia

When you wear this hat to go out, you will feel that you are good-looking and beautiful today.
After wearing the hat, not only myself, but also my children feel more at ease, and they are more daring to go to the vegetable market than before.
When I went to the vegetable market, everyone thought my hat was beautiful, and they all came to ask me where I bought it.

Other Features

Non-toxic Certification
All Season
Chin Strape
Easy to Carry
Hand Washable
Quick Dry

More Information, More Answers

Ribcap size range?

Ribcaps range in size from children 5+ to adults.

There are two sizes of baseball caps: S-M and L-XL.

Other hats are divided into three sizes: S, M, and L.

Can Ribcap be customized?

Customization services are not yet available.

But in order to allow everyone to use it, the size data provided by Ribcap is based on the head circumference that can fit most people.

Do I have to use straps?

It depends on personal usage habits, but it is strongly recommended, because the strap can prevent the hat from falling off when you fall, and the risk of not protecting your head.

How can I keep the Ribcap clean?

The cleaning effect can be achieved by soaking with neutral detergent and warm water.

How long is Ribcap good for?

Under good condition of preservation and cleaning, Ribcap can be used for at least 2-3 years, and the protection is sufficient. We recommend replacing the protective cap with a new one every 5 years.

Can the Ribcap also protect against a forward fall?

Ribcap’s protective layer is 360 degrees without dead angle, no matter which direction it falls from, it can well protect the wearer’s head.

At what age can a child start wearing a Ribcap?

We recommend using the size of the head circumference to determine whether Ribcap can be used,

Children of any age can use it as long as they meet the minimum size on the size chart.

Is Ribcap suitable for me?

Anyone who is at risk of falling is suitable for a soft hard hat like the Ribcap, because the protective layer in it can absorb the impact of the impact well.

Can I disassemble the Ribcap for cleaning?

Sorry. No, for the comfort and safety of the user, the Ribcap is designed not to be disassembled.

What is the difference between other protective caps and Ribcap?
  • Bicycle helmet: Comfortable, sporty, stylish, but poor protection against seizures and falls, and breaks after repeated impacts, requiring constant replacement
  • Boxing helmet: soft, comfortable, but completely unprotected against seizures and falls, and poorly ventilated
  • Soccer helmet: good protection, but bulky, bulky, uncomfortable and not suitable for prolonged wear
  • Hockey, baseball hard hats: bulky and bulky, good for high impact, but looks weird to wear on a daily basis
  • Custom protective caps: provide good protection, but are bulky, unsightly, and sometimes prohibitively expensive
  • Ribcap Protective Cap: lightweight, breathable, washable, beautiful, provides high protection against epilepsy or falls, and has a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, and can be worn for a long time, whether indoors or outdoors, without burden .
Can I apply for Medicaid if I buy a Ribcap?

This product complies with the long-term care 2.0/assistive aids subsidy project for the physically and mentally handicapped [head protector]. For more information, please contact assistive aid centers around you.

Other Instructions

  • Conforms to EU CE safety regulations, medical device regulations 93/42/EEC, (EU)2017/745.
  • Conforms to EU PPE (Personal Protective Equipment Directive) level 1 89/686/EEC, (EU)2016/425.
  • Crash caps cannot completely replace hard hats. If it is required by law to wear a safety helmet, please follow the regulations for safety
  • This product complies with the Assistive Device Subsidy Program [Head Protector] for the Disabled.

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